What The World Would Be Like If Restaurants Didn’t Exist


Eating seems to be the national past time for Americans in recent times. Needless to say, eateries, diners, take-aways and restaurants are booming on the back of changing lifestyles and ease of availability of food. If managed and advertised well, restaurants prove to be profitable by catering to the needs of all people with diverse food choices and preferences.

If restaurants didn’t exist, there would be:

A Multitude of Hungry People with Insatiable Appetites

All-you-can-eats have become all the rage ever since the fast food industry has grown, thereby making standardized food cheaper than that found in supermarkets. The dynamics of this kind of offer is the utility that the customer sees, and the profit that the restaurant makes.

The consumer should feel that the amount that he eats is worth more than the price he is paying, whereas restaurant pricing is to be done is such a manner so that it still costs it less per head to feed a person compared to the amount they are receiving. Food lovers can hence be transported to gastronomical heaven, with mouth-watering buffets serving a variety of foods imaginable.

An Absence of Wining and Fine Dining

Exclusive dining coupled with good ambience is vital for creating an impression on someone special, or wooing the person you love. Fine dining hinges on attention to detail. It allows the customer to be swept up by the tangible experiences of music, décor and lighting, and that too with a touch of subtlety. On a holistic level, these restaurants aim to provide a premium service in the form of exotic, signature dishes; a relaxing and/or romantic environment and plush seating arrangements. The overall effect is to create a semblance of decadent richness and splendor that would put you and your company at ease.

A prime example of this kind of experience is the Spoke and Steele Indianapolis.

Irate Individuals Cooking Food on a Daily Basis

While this may seem like one of the obvious answers, the feeling of content when one does not have to prepare a meal is one of the most under-rated in modern times. Home makers and single people alike love the opportunity of kicking back and relaxing while someone else places a cooked meal in front of them. This provides much-needed respite from frantic and hectic schedules, especially in today’s average household of double-incomes and shared responsibilities.

Going out to a restaurant allows you to dress up and make the most of an occasion. Also, it provides a refreshing alternative to the palate after days of home cooked meals, letting you savor the zing of a new dish that would take you ages to prepare and would have you scouring the market for previously unheard of ingredients.

Ease In Following Healthier Lifestyles and Maintenance of Waistlines

While we all have our favorite places to eat out at and relish the thought of the food we would then consume, it is no secret that restaurant food is quite unhealthy as compared to home-cooked food. Depending on the type of eatery that you frequently like to go to, the food will either be high in fat and sugar (fast-food chains), high in MSG (take-aways) and definitely high in calories due to rich sauces and other taste enhancers (restaurants in general).

The availability of this kind of convenience is a reason why people have become lazier, and give less thought about the quality of nutrition that they are receiving on a daily basis. Studies have shown that the level of physical unfitness is correlated with the prices in restaurants, level of disposable incomes and level of proximity to eateries.  A way to optimize eating out is to monitor your frequency of visiting restaurants, and prioritizing small portion, nutritious meals over cheap, high calorie ones.

No Awareness of Healthy Cuisine

Undoubtedly, an increasing number of restaurants have something new to offer to their visitors: healthy food! Many such eateries will let you customize the ingredients of the cuisine you like the most. The result? Fresh, healthily tasty food on your table! Once you know about the different kinds of fusions you can come up with various healthy ingredients through visiting such restaurants, you can develop the habit of healthy eating without putting much effort.

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